Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bug hunting jar with chalkboard vinyl label

It's bug season and to my boys' delight, there is no shortage of bugs in our backyard!  When I was a kid we would clean out jars, pound a few holes in the lid with a nail, and make our own bug habitats.  We decided to kick it old school and had a blast making this old school retro bug jar!  My son traced a circle out of fun paper and glued it to the top of the lid.  I made a chalkboard label for him so he could name or label his bugs.  I use these chalkboard labels all the time:  pantry labels, storage tote labels, gift labels...the possibilities are endless. 


Last summer my guys and I had a good time creating our own natural lights by putting lightening bugs in jars.  The possibilities of exploration during the summer are endless, which is why explore is our word of the week!  As a teacher I liked having a word of the week, and as a mom, it is fun to let the kids pick a word to be our theme of the week.  Grab a net and join us as we explore the great outdoors!  We found nets and plastic bug buckets at our local dollar star, Target, & Walmart (see below).  Look out bugs...


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