Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Fun clipboard

Living creatively is a whole latte fun, and though this blog is a year delayed, better now than never! With strong coffee in hand, I begin this journey with you.  What's on my mind, besides refilling my cup?  How to beat the mono blahs.  My oldest has it, so we've kicked off a daily survival plan complete with relaxing activities, simple crafts, and snacks/meals that kids can help prepare!  Our summer hasn't started with the usual baseball games and trips to the swimming pool, but that doesn't mean we can't espresso ourselves creatively around here!  Our first project is a summer fun decorated clipboard.  

Summer fun decorated clipboard:
Supplies:  plain clipboard, modge podge, foam brush, paper trimmer/scissors, plain & patterned cardstock, ribbon (optional) & daily activity plans

First we painted the top two inches and bottom inch of the clipboard with green paint.  About an hour later, after it had dried, my kids used a ruler and their math computation skills to figure out how much cardstock we needed by measuring the part of the clipboard that wasn't painted green. They cut the paper and set it outside. I typed the title on the computer & printed it with green ink.  Another fun idea would be to stamp a title on the cardstock.Using a foam brush, I spread modge podge all over the clipboard.  Next we pressed the paper on the modge podge and smoothed out all the bubbles.  One hour later we spread another layer on top of the paper to give the clipboard a shiny and smooth appearance.  While the modge podge dried, we went to our local welcome center to collect brochures of places we could visit this summer. My school-age kids also searched online to compile "staycation" ideas, and even made maps to get there.  With the brochure firmly attached to our summer fun clipboard, we took off for our first adventure:  a nature walk on a local trail!  

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