Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bucket filling

Are you a bucket filler?  Bucket dipper?  Both?  I discovered the book Fill Your Bucket by Dr. Donald O. Clifton over a decade ago when I was in graduate school.  At that time I was looking for positive approaches to counseling teenagers.  As a mom, I love all the books Dr. Clifton has influenced.  I've read two of them with my kids:  Have You Filled a Bucket Today? and Growing Up With a Bucket of Happiness, by Carol McCloud.  I found a website for the books at:

I love the mission of bucket fillers: 
To create happy, confident children who are able to express kindness, respect, and appreciation toward others.  The website lists the entire mission and provides support
 and resources to families and schools interested in being bucket fillers.

My bucket fillers with their buckets:

As a family, we talk daily about bucket filling, and not being a bucket dipper.  To help our younger kids understand, everyone in our family has an actual plastic bucket with a shovel ("dipper") attached as a reminder not to dip.  Along with demonstrating kindness through our actions and words, we've started writing notes and drawing pictures (so my toddler can participate) and putting them in each other's buckets.  Having the buckets in plain sight has worked great!  I will continue to share other bucket filling activities we do on future posts. 

For added fun, decorate buckets with pictures and monograms: 

Happy bucket filling!


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