Sunday, June 5, 2011

Family Traditions book

Sunday is family day, and our goal is to keep it fun, yet simple.  Our favorites this time of the year include going on a picnic after church, swimming, biking, and just good 'ol relaxing on the front porch swing!  Some afternoons are spent at ballparks; other afternoons at home.  Geography doesn't matter, proximity to each other is what counts!   

Every season brings favorite traditions and I try to preserve these memories by taking pictures and writing stories.  Last year I made a digital storybook of all our favorite family traditions.

Our Family Traditions

I uploaded pictures from my camera of our favorite family traditions:
beach/pool trips, vacations, pizza & game nights, "macho nacho" parties,
holidays, berry picking, pumpkin patches & ballgames

storybook made at
for info on how you can make a digital storybook.

Digital books are super easy to make because the templates are already created for you.  All you do is click & drag your pictures to the template. My kids spend a lot of time looking at books I make, and I love preserving the times we spend together.  If creating on the computer isn't for you, try making a scrapbook, or picking up a photo album that has photo sleeves...all you have to do is slide in your photos and write a brief description.

Have a great Sunday!

"Kids spell love T-I-M-E."
 (author unknown) 

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