Friday, June 10, 2011

Friend Friday: Karlynn's bird nest treats

I just love Friend Friday, and the chance to share the fun and creative projects of my friends!  Today's post is by Karlynn Boyle, a great friend to me and an all-around awesome, kind, and creative gal!

From Karlynn:

About two weeks ago my boys discovered that a bird had built a nest on our swing set.  For us, this event has become the highlight of our morning routine.  After eating breakfast they usually run out to take a look at the nest.  We learned that robins lay one egg a day, up to four eggs.  It was just one day after discovering the nest that the first egg was laid so we had lots of excitement those first few of days.  Now we are in the waiting phase as it is typically 10-14 days until they hatch.  So to help keep up the excitement as we wait we have read a couple of children's books involving birds as well as made these yummy bird nest treats.  I found a couple of recipes online, but they all called for chow mien noodles and I had a feeling my boys may not like that.  So, I changed it for my family.

bird nest treats
Make Rice Krispy treats.
Stir in one half bag of melted chocolate chips.
Press spoonfuls into muffin pan.
Press out a spot in the middle.
Let cool, then add 4 jelly beans to each nest.
Pretty easy! 

This event reminded me of a wonderful book I just finished reading, One Thousand Gifts.  On the cover of this book is a picture of a robin’s nest with two beautiful baby blue eggs.  Coincidence?  I know it’s not, but instead a beautiful gift from God reminding me to enjoy the everyday simple moments He provides.  How often in the busyness of life, in the thinking that there are more important things to be done, can an event like this seem insignificant!  However, I can say this house loves the excitement.  I take pleasure in seeing my boys develop a love for the natural world and I treasure a beautiful reminder from God that I must never stop giving thanks to Him for moments like this. 

"I always felt that the great high privilege, relief and
comfort of friendship was that one has to explain nothing." 
(Katherine Mansfield)

Happy Friend Friday!

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