Friday, June 24, 2011

Friend Friday: Kim's Summer Bingo Board

It's Friend Friday and I'm so pumped to share my friend Kim's Summer Bingo Board!  Kim is a fun-loving, optimistic, and creative mom that I love being around.  Her ideas are very cool, and I plan to create a bingo board like hers right away!

From Kim Sommer:

It’s Summer!!  The days of sleeping in, going to the park, sitting by the pool, and late dinners are upon us.  The routine of school is thrown out the window and we fill our days with fun and some not so fun things (yep, I let my kids help with a little more of the cleaning & daily chores) to keep our kids busy so we aren’t constantly hearing the infamous “I’m bored”.  When the summer begins it seems like there are days and days to do various fun activities but the beginning of school always seems to sneak up on us and inevitably we failed to get everything done.  So, to keep us on track—probably ME more than them—we have started a SUMMER BINGO BOARD.

On the first day of summer we present the girls with their own bingo board filled with various activities.  Most of these are extremely fun things we know they will be so excited to do…sleepovers, Mommy/Daddy dates, bike rides, Vacation Bible School, trips to Deanna Rose/Ernie Miller, softball, vacations, etc.  But, we have also added some activities to keep their brains in the game this year as well…book reports, writing exercises, science projects, Summer reading program, etc. 

We start working on marking through each square and getting bingos right away.  Each time they get a bingo they are able to pick out a prize from the prize basket that includes items I’ve purchased in the dollar section or certificates for things like eating dessert before dinner, sleeping with Mommy or Daddy, staying up late, etc.  The ultimate goal is to get a blackout!  And, when that happens we all get to participate in the grand prize.  This year we have decided to go to World’s Of Fun or Ocean’s Of Fun. 

This activity has helped us kick the summer off with a bang and keep us on track with making sure that the fun things we want to do done. 

To Make Your Very Own Bingo Board:

Make a Bingo Board Using Excel. 
Our board is 7 columns by 7 rows. 

Fill in each square with different fun &
learning activities that you want to get
accomplished over the summer.

Hang the board somewhere where it is visible so it isn’t forgotten about.

Get busy accomplishing your activities and marking them off.

Decide as a family what the grand prize will be for a blackout. 


Like it, love it, marry it:)


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  1. Are both boards identical? Do you have the same things on both but just mixed up? This is a great idea to get them motivated for the summer. I have a 4 and 7 year old, both boys, and they need some inspiration.