Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Dad's Day

I don't think one day can truly celebrate all that is great about dads, but it is fun to have a day set aside to do just that:  cherish past memories, create new ones, and look forward to good times ahead!  I'm reposting what my kids did for their dad this year:  a Father's Day Handprint Journal.  I have two kids that read and write, so they could fill out the journal questions and write notes to their dad.  For my two little ones I just traced their hands and let them color dad a picture. 

My man loved being woke up with a heartfelt journal
and lots of hugs & kisses:

The best things in life really are free!

For my dad, a kindred rock-n-roll spirit, I made a "You Rock" cd compilation of all his favorite rock songs and a "You Rock" collage card that featured a cd cover and a collage of all his favorite bands.  He's a hard one to find cards for - they don't make a lot of Father's Day cards that feature a rock-n-roll, Harley-riding, farmer...which is my dad!  Love him, cherish him, and appreciate his encouragement and love every day!

Later this month I'll post a "You Rock" cd card/gift idea that can be used for birthdays, etc... to all your friends and family who rock your world.  The one I made for my dad would work for any rock-n-rollers out there!

A father's love is the tender touch,
the caring words,
and the guiding hand
that we never seem to outgrow.
(Irish Father's Blessing) 


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