Saturday, June 4, 2011

Homemade puzzle for Park of the Week

To quote Seals & Croft, "summer breeze, makes me feel fine..." I love that song, and love this warm air!  It was a long, cold winter and we are ready for picnics at parks!  To change it up, we are letting our school kids research area parks and trails, get directions, and help us plan where to go.  We are heading out to a different park each week.  After each park visit we'll make some sort of craft with a picture we took there.  At the end of the summer, we'll make a scrapbook or digital storybook of the parks/trails we visited.  Don't have several parks in your town?  Set up a group of backyard tours with other moms - your kids will love it, and it gives you a chance to chat with the gals!

Homemade Picture Puzzle:  
Supplies needed: 
4x6 picture, 4x6 piece of cardboard, marker, scissors 
For toddlers, pick a picture that they'll easily recognize & be able to put back together:

Using the lines you drew as your guide, cut the puzzle into pieces.

Puzzle time!

Puzzles make a great gift for dad (Father's Day is just around the corner). 
Or, print out a larger picture and mail a puzzle to out-of-town family. 

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon:

to me those have always been

the two most beautiful words in the English language." 

(Henry James)

I printed the picure on white card stock to give it a canvas look
If you want to make your puzzle extra sturdy,
glue your picture on cardboard before cutting it.

Use a marker to draw lines on your picture:

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