Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Spy game & journal

I Spy, with my little eye, something red & juicy!  One of our favorite games in the car & around the house is I Spy.  We love the books and decided to make our own I Spy journal, complete with pictures and stories. 

We've started several journals this summer, including one that we'll post next week that makes a great gift for dad.  The ones we're using right now are our Bucket journal (will post soon!) and our I Spy journal.  You can use notebooks of any size, unlined or lined.  I like the lined ones because they are easier for my school kids.  Sometimes we glue solid cardstock on top of the lined paper if we want a drawing tablet.  First, grab a notebook and some glue.  We applied modge podge under and on top of the cardstock with a foam brush for the I Spy journal, but most of the time the kids just grab a glue stick.  I cut the letters out with my Cricut.   

Inside all three of my boys glued a picture on their page.  My oldest journaled what he had spied out and about that morning.  My middle son wrote one sentence and drew a picture; my youngest colored a picture of what he spied: his brother preparing the soil for our family garden.  My baby, well...she just tried to eat the pages.  You could also cut pictures from a magazine to glue in the journal, or bring treasures back, like a leaf, to glue in the journal.

Other journal ideas:
(yes, I'm a crazy former English, journalism, & photography teacher!!!)
Where the Wild Things Are (zoo journal)
Book Club (books kids read on their own and/or with you)
Bucket/Staycation (what to do over the summer before school begins)
Do you smell what I smell? (you get the drift)
My Dad Rocks (Father's Day journal gift - will post soon)
Date Night (with your man!)
Diary (nothing beats a daily/weekly diary)
Prayer journal
Call me Einstein (math/science: how things work journal)
My passions (write about favorite hobbies)
In the news (reaction to current events)
If I had a time capsule (who you'd see, what you would do, why...)
Vacation (where you've been and/or want to go)
Carpe diem "Seize the Day" (goal-setting/action plan journal)
Reporter (who I want to interview, why, & what I would ask them)
ABC (alphabet journal...will post soon)
Inspiration (who inspires you & why)
Pay it forward (acts of kindness you've done & received)
*My blog will soon feature journals/storybooks/scrapbooks on a weekly basis.*

Until next time, happy exploring!  We are off to plan a pirate scavenger hunt, complete with buried treasure, at a local pirate ship park.  My son is patiently (sort-of) waiting for me to hand over the computer so he can research pirates!

"A faithful friend is a strong defense; And he that hath found him hath found a treasure."
(Louisa May Alcott)

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  1. I love this...and I'm sure my kids will, too! Thanks for the fun idea.