Thursday, June 23, 2011

Polar Bear icicles, ice freeze tag, book, puppets & snack cave

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you...hear, eat, play?  My kids have been fascinated by polar bears after seeing a very cool exhibit at our local zoo.  We've had fun playing polar bear inspired games and making easy polar bear snacks/crafts.   

We learned that polar bears
swim for several hours at a time.
They swim doggie-paddle style
with their front paws.

My kids loved visiting the polar bear,
and read one of our family favorites
by Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle
when we returned home: 

Put a twist on a favorite game:  freeze tag!

Ice freeze tag:
Fill a ziplock bag with ice & have fun cooling off
this summer with a game of freeze tag!
Whoever is "it" has to chase & tag someone
with the bag of ice.  Get tagged, & you are it!
(this game of course ends in an
ice throwing fight with my crew!)

Don't forget to freeze!

Polar Bear marshmallow icicles:

Place four mini-marshmallows in popsicle containers.
Fill with water and freeze.

Polar Bear "cave" snack mix:
My boys grabbed all the light/white colored snacks
we had to build & eat some "caves".

We found these fun coloring pages & made puppets!
Use crayons, marshmallows, or cotton balls!

Tag! You're it!
Hope you have a great outdoor day!


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