Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wormy Dirt Pudding

A little dirt never hurt and playing in the dirt is part of our daily routine!   I think all my kids have had a taste or two of the real stuff, but prefer this wormy dirt pudding.  Growing up I had dirt pudding served right out of a terracotta pot; however, I wanted something easy that didn't require a lot of clean-up, so we used individual pudding cups to make our wormy dirt pudding. 

Ingredients for wormy dirt pudding:
individual chocolate pudding cups
Oreos (we used two per pudding cup)
ziplock bag
one child's fist
gummy worms
small pot (optional, but sooo cute!)

Set the individual pudding cups inside small pots:

Put two cookies (we prefer double-stuff Oreos) in a ziplock bag.
Now for the best part of making these:  the fist smash!  Go for it - burn some energy! 
Smash the cookies into crumbs!

Sprinkle your Oreo crumbs on top of the pudding cup,
add gummy worms, and enjoy your very own wormy dirt pudding!

"I love having my hands in the dirt. It is never a science and always an art. There are no rules. And if it comes down to me versus that weed I'm trying to pull out of the ground
that doesn't want to come out? I know I'll win." 
(Matthew McConaughey)
"Wormy" books to go with this treat:
How to Eat Fried Worms
 (Thomas Rockwell) 
 I read this as a kid:  gross, but fun!
Diary of a Worm
(Doreen Cronin)
Awesome & funny!

Happy worm hunting!


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