Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cousin Pen Pal Kit

Cousins are a blast, and like me, my kids get to grow up with lots of cousins their age to play with!  My two brothers and I love getting our kids together - all ten of them!  Not quite enough for a football team, but who needs a full team to have a great game?  On a recent trip to my brother's farm, the kids put together a game of country football.  The basic rules were the same, but instead of goalposts, they had tractors & semi-trucks.   

Time out for a picture, not easy with eight kids! 
Two boy cousins recently moved to Florida,
so our 10-pack is incomplete!

Even though email/skype is great,
who doesn't like opening their mailbox
and discovering a letter?

So, we made a
Cousin Pen Pal kit!

Kit contents:

(premade, or plain white card stock)
recent cousin pictures
stamps (optional)

My sons drew pictures
and wrote letters to
include in the pen pal kit.

We put all the kit supplies in an envelope,
and added their letters and a few pictures.

Off to the mailbox!

Now the Florida cousins have letters
to open from their Kansas cousins,
and supplies to write back!

This idea would work for grandparents too:
send them some homemade stationary & stamps!

"There must be millions of people all over the world
who never get any love letters... I could be their leader." 
(Charlie Brown)


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  1. Love this idea!! Looking forward to the cousin kits:)