Thursday, July 28, 2011

Date Your Mate - at home?!? your mate - at home?  Sounds like an oxymoron to me, a little contradictory.  Especially if you have four young kids - date your mate at home?    For the record, my idea of a date with my muscle man involves leaving our home.  But, life doesn't always go as planned (duh):  kids get sick, babysitters get sick, wild sons lock babysitters out of houses and scare them off, get the picture.  So, we've had to get creative and be flexible with our dating options.  The bottom line is that we like each other, love actually, so we date every week.  Once or twice a month we leave the house; the other weeks our dates are at home.  We don't let the word "date" put pressure on the evening (yes evening, as in when all kids are sleeping), it just sets the night aside as our time.  

Top 5 At-home dates:

1) Meet you at the bar

Does your kitchen have an island?  A breakfast bar?  Any type of of counter surface?  If so, grab two bar stools and have a date!  Exactly how it sounds:  we make our favorite bar appetizer (him- hot wings, me-guacamole with chips), grab our favorite drink, and turn on our favorite music.  Awesome.  We talk.  We dance: nothing beats a little two-steppin' around the kitchen island. 

2)  Porch swing

Love our porch swing.  Love my muscle man.  Love a date where the stars are the ceiling and trees are the walls.  Love fresh air dates.

3)  Hammock

Have you ever bought your mate a gift that you wanted?  Guilty.  For my husband's first Father's Day I gave him a hammock that I loved.  Now he loves it too.  Our boys make it part of their obstacle course and love dumping each other off it, but that's a story that doesn't belong on this post.  Some of my favorite home dates involve relaxing in the hammock.

4)  Movie Night

I know...why mention this one?  Who doesn't love watching a movie with their man?  Nothing out of the ordinary here.  We tend to like the same type of movies, an added bonus, and snuggling on the couch with some popcorn rocks.

5)  Coffee Shop

We love our coffee - a lot.  I like it, love it marry it - enough to name a blog after coffee.  After our Saturday morning lumberjack breakfast, the kids get busy playing, and we sometimes grab 15 minutes to ourselves to have coffee and talk.  Or just have coffee, since my muscle man requires vast amounts of it in order to complete a sentence.  Meet my "whole latte love" machine my guy gave me:

6)  Book Club

Okay, I said top 5, but this popped in my head.  We both were English teachers a decade ago, and love a good book.  A few times a year we actually read the same book and talk about it.  Or, one of us shares something from a book we've read, or seen on a blog.  I love reading some of the muscle blogs my man reads.  It gives me insight into what people with muscles think about.

Love dating my man!  Having kids doesn't mean we have to stop!  Kids will leave us someday - hard to believe since we are knee-deep in parenting - but spouses don't head off to college or careers.  We're dating now, so we can still remember what it feels like to be alone together when we actually are...unless the kids end up moving back in, on a temporary basis, as in a few months...



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  1. Love this, Melanie! It's refreshing to see people in love and making time a priority in marriage! I miss Parker! Tell him Miss Jami says 'Hi!' Hope you are having a great summer! :)