Monday, July 25, 2011

Date Your Mate Photo Book

Date Your Mate:  one of my favorite phrases!  Dating my man has become more important to me each year.  As parents of four young children, it is challenging to squeeze in time for just each other.  To make sure it happens, we take a look at the upcoming month and write down when we will date. We try to go out once or twice a month, and when we do, I ask the nearest person to snap a picture for us.  At the end of the year, I have 12-24 pictures to make a photo book.  I made this circle photo book for my husband a few years ago, and we display it on a shelf in our bedroom.  It is fun to look back over the year at the fun times we had.  

Date Your Mate Photo book 

Supplies needed:
chipboard circles (or use cardboard)
fun paper cut in circles
red paint 
silver metal ring
hole punch
pictures from your dates 


Cut chipboard (or cardboard) into circles,
or buy a circle chipboard album
(mine is from Michaels).

Paint edges of chipboard,
and let dry.

Cut paper into circles, &
adhere paper to chipboard circles.

Trim pictures to fit,
and adhere to paper.

Punch holes in top of chipboard
(unless your album came that way - mine did).
Tie decorative ribbon to metal ring.

I found fun tickets ("kiss" & "date night")
at an amazing local scrapbooking store,
The Scrapbook Page.

Give this as a fun gift to your man!

I even put a few of our favorite pictures in the book:
1980's costume party
(yes, I'm still rockin' at eight months pregnant!)

I loved giving my man that photo book.  I was able to make it at a scrapbooking retreat with friends, where I had several uninterrupted hours to be creative.  Time to make homemade gifts can be hard to find, so I'm sharing an easy photo book idea that I'm making for my man today (our anniversary is tomorrow).

Photo flip book:

$2 at Target


Add pictures, & you're done!
If you want to write a message,
throw in a 4 x 6 inch note card!

It's the thought that counts,
and I've found that the sooner
I put my pictures in some sort of album, the better. 
If I don't they just sit in stacks in a cabinet,
or frozen on my photo card.

Another fun photo book to try is a "Top 10" album:
take pictures and label them the top 10 reasons you love your mate, or the top 10 highlights of your year.

"Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame." 
(Henry David Thoreau)

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