Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family Coat of Arms - create your own

Live Strong - our family motto.  Love it, and love the unity it stresses for our family.  Our complete motto is longer, but Live Strong is what we use the most.  Want some ideas on getting started writing your family motto?  Check out my post:

Live Strong:
Be Faithful
Be Compassionate
Be Enthusiastic
Be Courageous 

When I was an English teacher, one of my favorite units to teach was medieval literature.  Ahhh...I have always loved castles, knights, chivalry - I can't get enough of these stories.  I thought it would be cool for my kids to design their own coat of arms.  I googled coat of arms and printed out a blank design for them, but you could also draw it. 

My boys got into the spirit of it, and
of course went into full costume mode.
The toy swords are always part of their costumes,
but did distract a little from our goal of creating a coat of arms.
(hard to focus during a sword fight)

Being a knight (wearing a viking helmet) is serious business:

I found an awesome website that lets you design your own
family coat of arms for free, and even print a copy. 
We framed ours, and I put a copy in each of my kids' baby books. 

The website is by Family IQ:
Lots of fun, super easy, and it only took about 10 minutes. 
We were able to use our family motto,
but the website has tons of samples if you don't have a motto. 

Our coat of arms from Family IQ:

"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!
(Albert Einstein)


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  1. Great and fun idea for the kids. Have you googled "Massey coat of arms"? There are some great examples, family history and genealogy too.