Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ice Castles

Need an easy and free way to stay cool this summer?  Build ice castles!   It is steamy hot here in Kansas, and instead of sweating at our local beach, we're keeping cool with ice castles!    



Grab all your plastic containers
and fill them with water!
Freeze overnight! 
Yogurt and pudding cups work great.
We used a Chips Ahoy cookie tray too!
What a way to recycle!
Leftover ice from the ice castles:
  we put ours beside trees
to give them a drink.

My four kiddos were more than willing to play with ice!
This was the first activity my five-year-old has been able to do since getting his tonsils/adenoids out and tubes back in, so it was nice to have our gang playing together again!  Warms this momma's heart!

Patiently waiting (sort-of) to get started:


Sweet hands working together
towards a common goal - love it!
Team building & cooperation
skills at work!

My younger kids loved building...
and knocking down the ice blocks!


There aren't germs outside, right?
10 second rule!
Have a taste or two - refreshing!

Gravity lesson? 
Drop an ice block...but not on your toe!

My older kids were curious about how fast
ice melts due to outside temperatures,
so we're planning an ice melting experiment
for this weekend.  Cool!

What a fun morning!  And, this was free! 
No sweaty trips to the store for supplies -
we used what we had!

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Our favorite sprinkler:

Happy ice castle building!

I'm off to espresso myself an "iced" coffee,
with fresh ice!
Will post recipe soon!


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