Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love boat

Sometimes we stumble on places we were meant to find. 
After following a bumpy road with not a road sign in sight.
After trying to turn around, but finding the road too narrow.

After feeling lost and frustrated, we travel down a uneven slope and find a treasure.
A little like life, and all the challenging twists and turns.
A little like marriage: navigating through the hills, valleys, and everything in between, you find your place - the place just for two.
A place forgotten. 
A place standing still in time. 
A place that we won't forget. 
We had only a few hours left before our get-away was over,
and we'd found what felt like the most peaceful place on the planet.

There aren't words to do justice to what we saw. 
The pictures show only some of the visual beauty, but can't capture the smell of the water, or the sound of stillness.  The stillness where you can hear your thoughts.  The stillness that lets you sit in silence and be in awe of God's art.

The sweet, sweet gift of time
Sitting on the dock.  A boat ride. 
A walk on the beach.  Time to be silent. 
Time to talk.  Time to wonder.  
Time to be in awe.  Time to laugh. 
Time to be thankful. 
Time with you.





Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband.
You give me a whole latte love! 
Time with you is the best gift a gal could want!

"The more you invest in a marriage,
the more valuable it becomes."
(Amy Grant)


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