Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stagecoach ride & log cabin craft

Wagons away! 

A recent ride on a stagecoach inspired us to do some research, & make some fun crafts!  If you are ever in Olathe, Kansas, check out Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm.

We learned that stagecoaches were an important mode of travel until the early 19th century, when trains became an easier way to travel. 

The log cabin is a symbol of American History, but did you know that we have Swedish settlers to thank for bringing the idea to America?  My son loves reading about American presidents, and learned that Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson were born in log cabins.

For fun, we used pretzel sticks to shape & create log cabins.  First we used a glue stick to adhere the pretzels to paper.  We also used frosting to make a small cabin out of graham crackers, then used frosting on the outside of the cabin and pressed pretzel sticks on top. The cabins were eaten before I could even snap a picture!

We also arranged pretzels in the shape of wagon wheels.




After reading "The Little House on the Prairie" 
with my son, we made a covered wagon using 
construction paper & a shoebox.
If you want a more detailed covered wagon craft, 
check out:

Happy trails to you!


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