Sunday, July 31, 2011

Writing a family motto

Goooooo team!  We decided that to help with family unity and encourage teamwork, we'd write a family motto:  our own  mission statement, a mantra for good living and loving.  We wanted our motto to describe what we are about and what we want to happen with our family...a motto to help us love more and argue less.

How we wrote our motto:

~gave each kid a clipboard with a blank sheet of paper

~sat around our kitchen table

~had special treats, of course:  chocolate chip cookies

~everyone answered the following (the little ones drew pictures):

3 words that describe our family
3 favorite activities that we do
3 goals for the future 

~the kids shared their ideas and pictures

~sports & super heroes were discussed - a lot! 

~we discussed what values mattered most to us

~a few bathroom breaks later, and:

~my oldest boy wrote the motto on our chalkboard, & we voted to approve it

~drum roll......and our motto is:

Be Faithful
Be Compassionate
Be Enthusiastic
Be Courageous

We typed it up and framed it, and plan to matte it with a family picture.  I had some red adhesive vinyl, so we put "Live Strong" above our door that exits into our garage - a reminder for us as we leave the house each day.

Live Strong!



  1. I've been struggling as a relatively new step parent to two and we've just had twins! I've had trouble defining our mixed family and have found myself withdrawing from my step children and I know that's wrong. So, in looking for ways to build a family bond among us all, I found your website. I plan to use this idea and many others you have. Thank you!!

  2. I'm so glad you found the family motto post Sara! And kudos to you for looking for ways to build a family bond - especially with two new babies at your house! I too am always trying to find ways to strengthen our family because I want our home to be a safe, loving place: a refuge for all of us.
    I loved reading your comment. Please feel free to post family bonding ideas that have worked for you! I really appreciate that you shared such honest thoughts.