Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Candy gram Cards

Disclaimer before I post these candy gram ideas:  My family eats fruit and veggies - lots of them.  I give plenty of gifts and cards that are not food-related.  But candy grams are just fun, and make a great encouragement card!   

My teenage students used to give me really funny ones, such as:  "I'm trying not to Snicker (with a Snicker candy bar attached) as I write this, but your teaching is Good and Plenty (with a Good and Plenty bar attached) and has helped me not be a dum dum (dum dum sucker attached)"   Gotta love teenagers!

I had a student once stock me up on chocolate for weeks when she used an entire bag of mini candy bars to write me a message on a poster.  Yummy!

Candy grams are not a new idea -  I remember making these as a kid. Take a walk down a candy aisle for inspiration!  Google candy gram and you'll see hundreds of samples.  Who doesn't like giving, or receiving, a little sweet encouragement? 

Here are a few of my favorite candy gram ideas to kick off the school year - just type up a card or better yet, give a handwritten note.


Fire up for a red hot school year:

Thanks for going the EXTRA mile:
(good for a co-worker, runner, or a student)

And a few others:
(sorry...no pictures because
I ate the candy)

Way to SCORE:
(SCORE candy bar - good for your
favorite athlete after a great game)

CRUNCH time - you can do it:
(Crunch bar for a student during
finals week, or for a co-worker on
a deadline)

"Research tells us fourteen out of any
ten individuals likes chocolate."
(Sandra Boynton)



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