Saturday, August 13, 2011

Huddle Up - teambuilding for families

We love hard, play hard, and even fight hard.  There is no overlooking the testosterone levels around here - my girl and I are outnumbered four to two.  Love these guys, but I've learned to think like a coach and a referee.  My muscle man and I want a unified, loving family, and created a HUDDLE UP time for our team to connect with each other.


Happens sometime after dinner, but before anyone gets too tired.

We sit in a circle so we can be physically close & have eye contact.

We share a High/Low event of the day(High = best & Low = worst)

We sometimes focus on a theme:  Kindness was our topic this week
~The weather has been hot and the tempers even hotter, so we shared one kind thing we did, and something kind we could do tomorrow.  Might sound a little cheesy, but it helps us to encourage good behaviors and attitudes.

Our kids pick a devotion, and we take turns reading:

Some nights we HUDDLE UP for 15 minutes; some nights less.  We keep it simple.  Our little girl may not be able to join in the discussion, but she still enjoys the family time. 

We end HUDDLE UP time with a family cheer where we stack up our hands and say our family motto:

Live Strong:
Be Faithful
Be Compassionate
Be Enthusiastic
Be Courageous

For my youngest kiddos, the cheer is the best part.
I like the cheer because we stack our hands up. 
Love seeing the big and little hands. 
Keeps the tough moments in perspective for me:
reminds me of how fast time flies.


"If the family were a boat, it would be a canoe
that makes no progress unless everyone paddles."
(Letty Cottin Pogrebin)



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