Monday, August 29, 2011

Lunchbox notes - sending love and trivia

I love sending some love in my son's lunchbox.  Cheesy, but I believe with all my heart that my guy needs nourishment for his body and soul.  Sending a message to school can hopefully give him just the encouragement he needs to have a great day.

I use plain note cards for these lunchbox notes.  On one side I write him a message; on the other I like to put some fun trivia for him to share with his friends.  My son likes to get silly, which is fun at home, but can be a little too much craziness for school lunch time. My hope is that the trivia can be an appropriate conversation starter.

A little lunchbox fun:

I made a Yoda (love Star Wars!) card this week.
One side has a Yoda quote;
the other side some encouragement from mom!

Super heroes are a big deal at our house,
so I used a spiderman sticker to make this trivia card:

I like using a Q for question,
then flipping the card over and using an A for answer.

On the other side is my note:

Nothing fancy, oh so simple,
but meaningful to my son.

I'm tempted to fancy it up a bit with ribbon,
but he's a third grader.  Some day I'll be hiding these notes in his backpack instead of his lunchbox. 
I don't want to embarrass him as he gets older,
but I still want to send good thoughts! 

"Nine tenths of education is encouragement."
(Anatole France)


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