Monday, August 8, 2011

Orange you glad it's Friday - fun pun card

Awwww....Friday, sweet Friday.  The anticipation of a weekend, of some extra rest, of some extra time with family and friends.  Why not have some fun, be a little silly, and enjoy your Friday? 

I love wordplay (what English teacher doesn't?), and puns are a great way to share a light-hearted message.  A pun is simply a humorous use of a word or phrase.  Puns play on the fact that words have more than one meaning.  Did you know that puns were found in ancient Egypt?  Puns during that time were used to create myths and to interpret dreams.  

My sons had fun thinking up a few silly puns, some of which had a little too much boy humor to put here.  

Our favorite:  "Lettuce (let us) eat salad"

Love it.  There are no limits to pun writing - give it a try! 
How about giving your co-workers, kids, and teachers a fun pun Friday note?  My boys and I made these to give to their teachers on the first Friday of school.

Orange you glad it's Friday!
(Aren't you?  You know you are!)

All you need is an orange, a bag, some ribbon,
and a typed or handwritten note. 
I'm going to have my kids write a note to their teacher on the back.

"A pun is the lowest form of humor,
unless you thought of it yourself."
(Doug Larson)


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