Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt

Paint chips to the rescue!  We've made more than one trip to the paint store the past few years, and paint chips keep my kids entertained so we can choose paint colors. The kids like to take the paint chips home, so instead of wasting them, we use them for a colorful scavenger hunt.  Fun and easy game - much easier than choosing paint colors.  Hopefully we've purchased enough paint to justify taking home paint chips!

Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt

gather the game pieces
(a.k.a. paint chips)

3 players:
 3 stacks of paint chips

Grab a bucket,
or a laundry basket.

Find objects in your house,
or outside, that match
the paint chips!

Super cool if you find an object
with several paint chip colors represented!

Sometimes you have to stop
to smell the roses.

Other cool paint chip ideas I've seen:

Preschool teachers use paint chips to make rainbows.

Scrapbookers use paint chips as a page border.

Card crafters use them for homemade cards.

Better Homes and Gardens had a picture of a room
painted in stripes to imitate a paint chip

Paint chip jewelry card & bookmarks

Paint chip memory game from my friend Amy


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  1. We do this! I love much fun. Try it outside. There are so many different shades of colors in our yard. I was shocked!