Friday, September 16, 2011

Friend Friday: Angel's Freezer Food Group

Happy Friend Friday!  My friend Angel has organized a freezer food group at our church for almost two years.  Angel used a cookbook for menu ideas and designed her own group.  She did the planning (a huge task!), and asked for others to help with the shopping.  The group met monthly in our church's large kitchen to prepare the meals that we would take home to our freezers.  The social aspect of making the meals together was fun, and talk about a time saver!  Our group made eight meals:  four different meals times two. 

Angel had labels that listed the name of the meal, and how to cook it (oven temperature, length of cooking time, length of time to grill, etc...)

The cookbook she used:

Her spreadsheet she used to keep track of what ingredients were needed:

Check out all the food!


Look how much this minivan can hold...
but where to put the kids?

Boxing chickens!
Looks like they've seen the Rocky movies too many times!

Lots of help for meal preparation:

So thankful for Angel and her organization skills!
Try creating your own freezer group -
large or small!


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  1. We loved this group! Time saver, great menu, everything was fanastic (well everything I tried- the seafood gumbo I didnt try)! Thanks again Angel for all the hard work organizing this group!