Friday, September 9, 2011

Friend Friday: Michelle's footprint butterflies

I'm so excited to share these footprint butterflies from my awesome cousin, and friend, Michelle.  I have so many fun childhood memories of exploring the countryside with this gal - just wished we lived closer!  Michelle has always been artsy and oh so creative, and I'm jazzed to try this idea!

Footprint butterflies

Purchase canvases (Michelle's are from Hobby Lobby).  Get the kids ready for some footsy fun!

Place tape down the center of the canvas so you will know where to put the kids' feet.  Measure length of feet so you can center the feet.

Let the painting begin: use craft paint to paint their feet, then press feet to canvas.  Use a paint brush to touch up areas that need more paint.

Just add a butterfly body,
eyes, and an antenna: 
instant artwork for your walls, and
an awesome keepsake of your kids' cute feet!

Thanks cous, for sharing this adorable idea!
Love you, and your creative project!

For more ways to read, eat, and craft about
the butterfly life cycle, see this caterpillar post.

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