Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mom Date - putt putt golf

Love spending one-on-one time with my kids - "mom dates" we call them!  At least once a month my kids get a mom date and a dad date.  They help plan what we do, and most of the time it is a bike ride on a trail, or playing at the park.  Today's date was putt putt golf, and we had the place to ourselves.  I like to take my camera, and am planning to make all my kids their own storybook about these outings.

Guidelines for our mom and dad dates:
Have fun, have eye contact, & make memories!
No errands, stops at the store, etc...
The reason for the outing is to strengthen our relationships
and let the kids know they are a priority in our lives.

Quite the character...and a swing with style!


Golf etiquette?

Bear fight!

Love time away from home, not running errands...just being with my boy.

"You are my sonshine."
(author unknown)

"Don't wait to make your boy a great man -
make him a great boy."
(author unknown)


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