Friday, October 28, 2011

Candy conversation hearts matching activity

Candy hearts work great for games, and rewards.  I brought out the candy conversation hearts this week because we've been talking about the fruits of the Spirit.  For a great book and a yummy fruit of the Spirit dessert, click here

I googled candy hearts and learned that they date back to 1902 - who knew? Here is a link to the history of this fun candy for all you history buffs: 

When I saw my kids showing love, I gave them a candy conversation heart.

Fun, and a concrete example for my younger kids.

My kindergarten guy had fun matching the hearts by color.  He loved reading the messages to me, quite the Romeo this one is...

He spent at least 30 minutes with these hearts...matching them by color, counting them, reading them...and of course eating some too!  Edible math and reading - love it!

Inspired me to leave a few candy hearts for my muscle man...on his pillow, in his briefcase. 
My favorites to leave him: You Rock and Too Hot (because he does and he is).

"Affection is responsible for nine-tenths
of whatever solid and durable happiness
 there is in our lives."
(C. S. Lewis)


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