Saturday, October 1, 2011

Table Manners 101 - manners poster

It can feel like a zoo around here sometimes, in more ways than one. My muscle man and I are trying to model and teach our herd to have table manners.  Not easy.  Not always fun.  But family dinners matter to us, and we want the meals to strengthen our bodies and our family bonds.  We want to not only share a meal, but also share our day and a few laughs.  Did I mention we want to do this with four kids, three of them boys?  Not to stereotype the male gender, but three boys means a heck of a lot of boy humor, if you know what I mean.   

Tonight is our monthly family candlelight dinner, which I'll share in tomorrow's post.  We've found that dimmed lights seem to quiet rowdiness and the kids even talk softer.  Nice.

Lately I feel like a broken record.  Sit up straight.  Napkin in your lap.  Inside voice.  Use your fork.  No bathroom jokes at the table.  I started to type up a list of manners to post near our table, but after googling for some ideas...found the coolest poster ever from the Etsy shop I love it All.  I loved this list of table manners, so instead of making our own and printing with a photo company, I ordered it:

We hung it on the wall closest to our table.  My two oldest actually read the list...and have had fun harassing each other to take their elbows off the table, talk in an inside voice, chew with your mouth closed, etc...My favorite: be thankful for this meal

The poster is a good visual reminder for all of us, and my two youngest kiddos can learn by watching.  Signs seem to work well for our family.  Check out our signs and other family strengthening blog posts here:
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"Good manners will open doors
that the best education cannot."
(Clarence Thomas)


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