Tuesday, November 8, 2011

National Cappuccino Day - November 8

I'm celebrating National Cappuccino Day with an almond cappuccino, at home on a rainy day.  Ahhh...the good life.


History of National Cappuccino Day:  

(from Punchbowl)

Today is National Cappuccino Day! Cappuccino was created in Italy in the 1600’s. It got its name from an Italian order of monks known as the Catholic Capuchins—a group of friars that wore dark brown hoods, similar to the color of the drink.   Prepared with espresso, hot milk, and a cap of foam, cappuccino is the customary way to jumpstart your day in Italy. In Western Europe, it's just the opposite: cappuccino is most popular as an after-dinner drink.

"I had some dreams;
they were clouds in my coffee."
(Carly Simon)


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