Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey cookies

My three-year-old and I just couldn't wait until Thanksgiving to make our turkey cookies!  My mom started making these cookies with my kids several years ago.  We like to use this as a Thanksgiving activity to keep the kids busy while the turkey is in the oven!

Momma Turkey & her four little turkeys:

There are several ways to make these, but I typically use what we have in the pantry.  And...this is a way to use up the Hershey kisses and Reece's peanut butter cups from Halloween, instead of eating them all after the kids go to bed...

The simplest cookie:
Melt chocolate chips.  Spread this melted chocolate "glue" on bottom of striped cookie.  Add Hershey kiss, orange fruit snack piece, and three pieces of candy corn (break off bottom of candy corn so it will stick).

Another easy way using two cookies:
(just use melted chocolate chips as glue to keep the cookie upright,
and the peanut butter cup and candy corn in place)

Gobble gobble!


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