Friday, December 23, 2011

Homemade sports card collecting album

Soooo excited for tomorrow night's Christmas gift exchange!  I just finished putting together one of my oldest son's gifts: a card collecting album for all his baseball, football, and basketball cards.  I decided it was time to help him organize these cards, and get them out of ziplock bags, shoe boxes, and various tins.

I bought a basic three-ring binder, then typed up a cover sheet and divider sheets.

I added a few extra pages for stats/favorites.  My guy loves keeping track of various statistics and sports trivia, so I think he'll love some extra space for his notes.

"I take pride if you can do either of two things -
make a child fall in love with baseball
or make an adult remember where and
when and why and how
they fell in love with baseball."
(Charles Steinberg)


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