Thursday, December 8, 2011

Travel-themed Christmas tree - Date Your Mate fun

Love my muscle man, and love our travel-themed Christmas tree.  We bought an ornament at all our favorite honeymoon stops 14 years ago, and have kept this tradition every time we travel.

After we finish decorating the family Christmas tree with our kids, they go to bed and we get to decorate our travel tree.  We keep it in our bedroom and it is filled with ornaments from all our travels.  We were married five years before we started our family, and traveled as much as our teacher salaries allowed.  We still get away together, but I'm so thankful we had five years to take to the open road...just the two of us.

My favorite ornaments are from our East Coast vacations:
New York City, Boston, Nantucket Island...

We live in Kansas, and don't always get to journey that far.  I love lakes and taking boat rides with my man, so we have a few fun ones from the Ozarks that I adore!

Love Minnesota & all the Great Lakes:

I have fond (mostly fond) memories of hiking up the steep stairs of a lighthouse, seven months pregnant.

And I can't forget this cute little chocolate elf from one of our favorite honeymoon stops in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  A triple treat: love chocolate, love Pennsylvania, and of course love my man!

"The world is a book,
and those who don't travel
read only a page."
(St. Augustine)


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