Saturday, May 26, 2012

MOB (mom of boys) gift idea: Queen for the Day Bucket

Got boys?

I do.  3 of them. 
4 counting my muscle man.
And they rock.  
And they require 

Like 'em.  Love 'em.
But every MOB (mom of boys) knows....
establish rank early as Queen of the Castle.

My rockin' muscle man, with the help of my three boys, gave me a Princess party three years ago (before our baby girl surprise)....complete with a princess cake, tiara, wand, and pink bike with a pink horn.  Loved it.

So, when my awesome friend Karlynn shared with me that she too was about to be a MOB of three boys, I knew that I needed to give her a fitting gift:

A Queen for the Day bucket  
~to be used every day, or whenever she needs a magic wand/tiara moment:
(I used my Cricut to cut the crown for the bucket)

Queen kit contents: tiara, magic wand, squirt gun (duh!), candy, fan (summer pregnancy), fun cup/drink mixes, etc...

Who doesn't need one of these?

Queen Karlynn working some magic:

"The mother of boys work son-up to son-down." 
(author unknown)


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