Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On-the-go art caddy (from baby wipe travel container!)

As exciting as it is to watch big brothers play baseball several nights of the week, even the most devoted sports fans need a creative break!

Solution:  an On-The-Go Art Caddy

Several years ago we started using these small baby wipe containers for everything under the sun:  graham cracker holders, pencil boxes, treasure boxes, bug catchers, etc...

The art caddy is great for my younger kids...at the ballpark, running errands in the van, and trips to the doctor's office.  I just throw in some crayons, thin markers, or colored pencils, then add stickers and white cardstock.  Sometimes we mail their creations to grandparents as postcards.


"Artists are just children who refuse
 to put down their crayons." 
(Al Hirschfeld)

"Actually, all education is self-education. 
A teacher is only a guide, to point out the way,
and no school, no matter how excellent,
 can give you education. 
What you receive is like the outlines
 in a child's coloring book. 
You must fill in the colors yourself."
(Louis L'Amour)


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