Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When I Grow Up (kick-off to summer career exploration)

Kicked off our summer career exploration this week, and started with this fun book, When I Grow Up  by Mercer Mayer.  Love Mayer's books, and this is a cute one to use when talking about careers with younger kids.  We'll be taking a few career exploration field trips this summer, and my school-aged boys will do some online research. 

Love the way the little girl in the book changes her mind again, and again, and again...because don't we all?  When I was a career counselor in a high school I encouraged the kids to not get discouraged if they changed their mind - crossing something off their list kept them moving on the road to discovering their career path.

When I Grow Up is pure fun.  My favorite part:  when she decides to be a baker so she can eat pies and cakes instead of liver.  I too was fed liver, but prefer a warm chocolate chip cookie, fresh from the oven, any day! 

"The best career advice to give to the young
is to find out what you like doing best
and get someone to pay you for doing it." 
(Katherine Whitehorn)



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