Thursday, August 2, 2012

Renewing wedding vows - church & mountaintop

15th wedding anniversary with my rockin' muscle man last week.
Love him every day, every year...
but there is just something cool about celebrating a milestone.

We decided to renew our wedding vows:
first in front of family in my hometown church,
then by ourselves at the top of Mt. Evans in Colorado. 

Surviving the drive to the top was something to be celebrated as well. 
You might be able to see the goosebumps on my legs in the picture:
from the dramatic drive and the drop in temperature:

We had written our wedding vows ourselves 15 years ago, not a shocker as we were both English teachers at the time.  Before we wrote our renewal vows, we spent some time reading our vows and looking over our wedding journal (in all honesty, I spent a little more time on this than my man). 

We both took a look at our favorite songs/poems/quotes to get ideas. 
Then we wrote our vows: some lines the same, some a little different.  We brought these note cards with us to the church, and Mt. Evans, in case we forgot and needed a cheat sheet.  The coolest thing about writing the vows:  talking about what we mean to each other.  Sounds mushy, but I highly recommend it!

Our kids were excited to be part of our small ceremony at the church.  Our oldest read a poem, our second a scripture, and our two youngest led a dance out of the sanctuary (Crazy Train).

Wedding pics:

Loved our castle cake:

Vow renewal:
(lots has happened in 15 years!)

I loved wearing my wedding dress again.
(my princess dress, as my sons call it):

We loved sharing what our marriage means to us...
and had fun doing it:

My sweet grandmas:

Can't forget the kiss!

"The world, for me, and all the world can hold
Is circled in your arms; for me there lies
Within the lights and shadows of your eyes,
 the only beauty that is never old."
(from "Beauty That Is Never Old", by James Weldon Johnson)


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